Sunday, 15 May 2016

A response on press release titled: Avik Partners Unfurls Machine Learning Service to Optimize IT Operations by Mike Vizard.

In this release posted on the 6 October 2015 on ITBusinessEdge Mike Vizard announces the unveiling of Grok by Avik Partners. There are other press releases by Chris Talbot and San Clemente on the same day on the same topic.
In his release Vizard explain Grok as a "Saas application for managing IT environments that first identifies optimal patterns in an IT environment to better identify anomalies that adversely affect application performance and then, secondly, continues to learn about the environment as new IT resources are added", he however does not elaborate on how this is being achieved and who will be using it. On the other hand Talbot and Clemente on their version explains that the application has a combination of adaptive and automation to detect unusual behaviour. They further explain that the application is for use by companies that uses public or private cloud services. I think this information is important for companies who will want to use this application; with less information companies may be reluctant to adopt the application.
Another point that Mike is not quoting from the CEO of Avik is that of using Saas approach which both Talbot and Clemente are quoting. I find Mike’s release less informative and hiding much information that could assist companies in making decisions on whether to adopt Grok or not.
Mike Vizard, 06 October 2015,

San Clemente, Calif. (PRWEB) October 06, 2015


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