Saturday, 14 May 2016

Machine Learning Tools and how Companies Leverage on Machine Learning Algorithms

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As with any other technology we see companies taking advantage and building machine learning tools that they avail for use either on the cloud or can be dowloaded and used at your local machine.

At the for front we see IBM with Watson that offer varried servises, Microsoft with Azure and Predictive Analytics, Google with Google Translate and Google Prediction API and Amazon with Predictive Analytics with Amazon Web Services.

There is also a lots of startups and open source machine learning tools that are battling their space with Loius Dorard mentioning PredicSis and BigML as providing a competing API’s when compared with the top 4. Below is a list of some of the startups and open source tools:

How then; can companies leverage on this technology that is obviously gaining momentum. Daxx mention 6 ways that companies are leveraging Machine Learning Algorithms as:

1.     Price Optimization

2.     Improving Customer Engagement and Maximizing Profits

3.     Launching Targeted Promotions

4.     Predicting Equipment Failure

5.     Detecting and Preventing Fraud

6.     Streamlining Talent Acquisition

If your organisation has not thought about how to use machine learning this is the time.



  1. What are the main differences between artificial intelligence and machine learning?

  2. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and it explores the development of algorithms that learn from given data.

    A machine should be able to do for example: natural language processing (i.e. communicate with no trouble on a given language); automated reasoning (using stored information to answer questions and draw new conclusions) and machine learning (the ability to adapt to new circumstances and detect patterns) to qualify as Artificial Intelligence.

  3. During your readings did you come across any successful testimonial use cases by South African companies?

  4. Yes I came across a use case on machine learning in South Africa although it was in Afrikaans for Afrikaans Language.